​Scott Suggs and his daughter help stock fish in Lake Ouachita

Since the inception of the ABBC, the need for fishermen to have an input to their local fisheries has been recognized.  It is the goal of the ABBC to promote an extended organization all across Arkansas by establishing chapters by any in-state fishermen's groups who will promote the scope and purpose of the ABBC.


The ABBC was formed in central Arkansas in the Fall of 2003 by professional and recreational bass fishermen.  Recognizing the decline of Lake Ouachita as a premier fishery, Lake Ouachita was the focus or beginning point.  The ABBC has met with the following individuals concerning the quality and future of our fisheries:  (then) Governor Mike Huckabee, Senator Terry Smith, Senator Steve Faris, Representative Bob Mathis, Representative Mike Burris, Representative Roger Smith, Representative Bill Abernathy, meetings with the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission {Mike Freeze, Chairman}, Mike Armstrong {Chief of Fisheries}, numerous meetings with the fisheries division staff in Hot Springs, the staff of Governor Mike Beebe, the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers, and area resort and marina owners. 

The agendas in the above meetings were consistent:  The promotion of better fishing across the state, increasing the economic impact from fishing, promoting policy changes in the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission that should be directed toward the native species.  The Arkansas Game and Fish Commission requested a facilitator be hired to address the questions concerning Lake Ouachita.  Individuals, including board members of the ABBC, were invited to share in the fact finding information concerning Lake Ouachita as a fishery and help establish a new management policy.

There were three public meetings held with Spencer Amend of
Dynamic Solutions acting as facilitator.  The local public's response was varied with the majority of the participants requesting a balanced fishery.  The ABBC, as an organization, was requested to submit input into the final draft of the Lake Ouachita Management Plan.  This organization did indeed submit their input which was incorporated into the final draft of the LOMP.  After close analysis
of the final draft, an eight year plan for Lake Ouachita, the ABBC agreed to endorse the plan with the understanding the ABBC would be kept in the loop of shared information as to scientific data derived, reason for stocking of the varied species, and the successes or failures that become evident from the implementation of the plan.

The Lake Ouachita Fisheries Management plan was implemented in May of 2007.  www.agfc.com

Stocking Lake Ouachita